Private Group - Trip Packages

We offer private group trips for each river float shown below. Just count up your group, come up with some dates, and give us a call.

What To Expect

We offer nearly a dozen different river floats within a three-hour drive of Washington, DC, chosen for their unique beauty and lack of crowds. Run the river rapids, camp under the stars, or explore while we do all the heavy lifting, cooking, and camp setup. We’ve got your entire trip handled from beginning to end, from boats to gear to logistics. Come take a trip that will actually be relaxing. You won’t regret it.

Choose Your Adventure

Private River Trips

Don't See What You Want?

We have the gear, guides, and guts for just about any adventure you can imagine within two hours of Washington, DC. Fishing trips, multi-day river floats, backpacking, foraging for food and campfire cooking, shooting sports, etc.. We love to work with our customers to create the perfect trip. Get in touch with us so we can hear your thoughts, and maybe spark some ideas to make your trip more amazing than you thought was possible.

Photo by Roy Sewall.