Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the trip?

Please review the trip preparation forms we forwarded when you booked your trip.

Where do we meet for the trip?

Often we pick up parties up at chosen destinations with our van. But since every trip is unique we’ll ask that you refer to the website if you’re joining a scheduled trip to find out where to meet and/or to check the itinerary provided to your trip organizer if you’re joining a private trip.

What food should I bring?

For half day trips we provide water, snacks, hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks. For longer trips we will have planned an intricate set of meals and will provide descriptions in our itinerary. We love food and we love cooking, so if you have dietary restrictions, please let us know.

What clothes should I bring?

Please review the trip preparation form we forwarded when you booked your trip, or the website for your specific trip. Clothing requirements can vary greatly depending upon the season and the trip. But generally we encourage our customers to bring more, not less clothing, to ensure their comfort. And we strongly suggest customers prepare to dress in layers composed of synthetic fleeces and waterproof shells, except for hot weather when light colored, light weight loose clothes help keep you comfortable. Please avoid cotton against your skin in cold weather and please don’t wear flip flops (closed toed river sandals or old sneakers are best).

Can I fish?

We offer some of the best guided fishing experiences on the East Coast, but many of our eco-tour styled trips are not fishing excursions. However, call us and we’ll make suggestions about fishing on these trips too.

How long will we be on the water?

Half day trips are 2-4 hours. Full day and overnight trips average about 6 hours of float time per day.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

We love heel-strapped river sandals most days from May through September. We don’t love flip-flops, sneakers are OK as long as they can get wet. From October through April, we recommend smart-wool or fleece socks with waterproof boots, or sneakers if you have them.

Will I get wet?

We are floating rivers, and so the answer to be prepared for is YES. But most people, on most of our trips, can go the whole day without getting wet if they put in a little effort. The exception being if you are on a class II or class III whitewater trip, you should expect to get wet.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

We are attempting to set a standard for flexibility because we recognize our customers really want to come on these trips, and would only cancel in the event of an emergency or unavoidable life commitment. And therefore we’ve created a cancellation structure that gives our friends and clients as much time as possible to cancel without consequence. For each type of trip though, we reach a point when we start to approach the trip that we’ve turned down other requests and actually incurred costs for acquiring gear and securing guides who block off their busy schedules to work with us. It’s at those landmarks in time that we begin to incrementally reduce the refund percentage.

Will you cancel for weather?

This is complicated because rarely do we get ideal weather so some form of weather adversity occurs nearly every trip. The short answer is yes, but there’s a long answer too. Please keep this in mind as you book by reviewing the information provided for each trip and the ranges of weather we expect to encounter. And important saying goes like this “weather is only as bad as your gear”. We’ve practiced year round all day and overnight trips in every conceivable weather scenario possible and are prepared to help you to make sure you have the right gear to stay as comfortable as possible.

How deep is the river?

1’-18’ deep. Most people are familiar with large rivers that scour the bottom to create some uniform depth. But our river bottoms are bedrock, or bedrock with a layer of stone sand or silt on top. So the river doesn’t scour a path and so this truly limits the depth. So on average we see most of the river is between 2 feet and 5 feet deep, and yet our pools and deep ledgy areas can approach 15 or 18’ feet. Once upon a time one of the local guides compared the bottom of the river to the cutting edge of a saw, up and down, up and down. This just about fits.

How big are the rapids on this float?

Ashby Gap Adventures operates geographically on waters that have plenty of Class A (Riffles) and Class I or II whitewater with the rare Class III. Many of our floats are very mellow, and yet others have consistent and entertaining whitewater, however we are not in the business of big whitewater adrenaline trips. That being said we still go through great pains to describe the nature of the whitewater on each trip so our adventurers can self-select the level of whitewater they’d like to face. Fluctuating water levels also toggles some whitewater up, and some of it down, depending on what is creating the whitewater to begin with. In any event, we’re constantly watching the levels and will often be prepared to convert our canoe/kayak trips to rafting/paddling trips when levels are up or customers become uncertain about their comfort level with paddling.

Will I be paddling?

If you’ve secured a trip in a canoe or kayak, yes. If you’ve secured a trip in one of our rafts it depends on the kind of trip you signed up for. Our unique to the industry six seat raft configuration means no paddling required. But if you have requested a trip with just a stern rowing frame, then prepare to sit on the tube and paddle like you have when you’ve been on other whitewater adventures.

How mobile do I need to be in order to get to the launch point of the river?

Most of our floats require our customers to be able to scramble up/down modestly steep inclines with some lose gravel or mud. Yet others require little mobility at all. Still others require a modest walk of several hundred yards. We will make great efforts to describe the level of effort and mobility required to go on each of our separate trips, so please visit the website for the trip you’ve selected in order to find out what expect.

Is my guide experienced?

We select our guides for their experience and personality. Most have between 20 and 40 years on the river or in the outdoors professionally. Additionally, our guides carry first aid and CPR certifications at a minimum.

What knowledge will my guide have?

We’ve tried to find guides who bring a lifetime of experiences to our adventures. And while they harbor what may be encyclopedic levels of knowledge about the river environment and its inhabitants in and around the water, we also recognize not everyone is interested in the gobbly gook. So please help us by letting us know what level of information would be welcome. Every day the guides will be prepared to let you have a quiet day on the river if you prefer. In the same manner, we’re all prepared to turn up the educational component of the trip if that’s what you’d like. Hiding within nearly every one of our floats are artifacts, remains of industries and settlements of the past, and a wealth of wildlife and geology to be revealed and discussed. Remember, we’re still learning too!