Guided Hunting & Fishing

Ducks, Geese, Deer, Turkey, Smallmouth Bass and Catfish

We'd be honored to take you and a guest into the woods or onto the river for a hunting or fishing trip.  Most of our fishing guests want a guide to manage gear and the boat, and just want hassle-free fishing.

Most of our hunting guests either don't have access to private property, don't have the time, or the gear for multiple days of preparation and scouting.  So let our guides do the work and share a day with us hunting or fishing the species of your choice.

Choose Your Quarry and Your Season

Fishing For Smallmouth Bass

Shenandoah or Potomac River

Cost: $525 for 1-2 people.
Season: March - November 
We love our fishing guides!  Talk about great people who you'd want to spend a day with on the river.  They've all got amazing guide boats and decades of experience.  Plus, they love their jobs.  Give us a call and let us select the right gear and stretch of river so you can enjoy fishing for smallmouth bass, one of the coolest fish that swims.  All guides can provide gear and are experienced with spinfishing and flyfishing.
Fishing For Catfish

Shenandoah or Potomac River

Cost Full Day $525 for 1-2 people.
Cost Half Day: $395 for 1-2 people
Season: March - November 
Catfish (Channel and Flathead) are growing in popularity.  Cool in their own right, they're also a great fishing option if you're looking for a fish to eat, want a more relaxing/less technical fishing experience, or you haven't fished very much.  We are generally fishing live bait and fishing while stationary, give it a try!
Turkey Hunting

Private Property and National Forest

Cost Full Day: $525 for 1-2 people.
Cost Half Day: $395 for 1-2 people
Season: April 3 - May 15 (please inquire)
The ultimate hunting experience for the most wary of foe.  Eastern Wild Turkey are extremely skittish and elusive but a skilled hunter/caller can talk with a turkey and lure them in within hunting range.  It's addictive, and also extremely challenging but what could be more fun?  Ashby Gap recommends guests bring their own guns and ammo but is also happy to provide them upon request.
Final Note: depending on the day, guides will often choose to add or combine fishing with the turkey hunting experience depending how they are managing the day's hunt.  A bonus!
Hunting Waterfowl (Ducks and Geese)

Potomac River Near Harper's Ferry

Cost: $TBD
Season: TBD (generally September - March)
Ashby Gap just bought 506 acres of Potomac River shoreline, river bottom and 5 private islands.  This has allowed us to permit 16 private duck blinds down the center of the Potomac River.  This section of river is situated within an eastern flyway and enjoys heavy duck and goose populations.  Hunting moving water has its challenges but this has got to be the prettiest section of river hunting known to man!
Becoming available to members of the hunt club or by request.  At the moment self guided hunts are available.  Working to develop fully supported hunts.
Whitetail Deer Hunting

Private Property


Our bread and butter service caters to modestly experienced or inexperienced deer hunters.  While the proximity of our private property to thousands of acres of un-hunted national park & 5 private islands give hunters opportunities for unpressured trophy bucks, we are more often shooting does and enjoying the experience. 

If interested, our guides work with our hunters to learn the basics of deer hunting which includes; hunting site selection, weapon selection, concealment (vision and scent), shot selection, field dressing deer (aka gutting and possibly quartering) and all the other nuances that make up an enjoyable hunt. 

If your hunt is successful, and upon request, we can hang/age your deer and schedule a second day to teach you how to carve/process/butcher your own deer, prepare it for cooking, and can even cook it with you over a campfire. What an experience!!! Either way, it's your deer and you get to go home with the meat.

Ready To Get Started?

Email or call and usually its our owner who answers and can help you select the right experience.