Foraging For Wild Edibles

A Unique Experience

We're still trying to figure out how to mesh your emerging interest in wild foods and foraging for wild edibles/mushrooms, with the unpredictable timing of nature.  But if you're truly flexible, and forgiving, we have people who can take you into the woods, help you slow down, and most of the time help you find an array of wild edible foods.

Example Foraging Experiences....

Morels, Morels Morels!!

Private Property and Public Lands

Foraging Time: 3-4 hours
Travel: Some required, seasonally
Cost: $395 per group of eight
Our guides have access to both their own predictable patches of morels, and have established repeatable regional patterns for finding morels on uncharted lands, and this is the focus of our time with guests.
Summer/Fall Mushrooms

Chicken Of The Woods, Hen of the Woods (oyster) and Wild Chanterelles

Foraging Time: 3-4 hours
Travel: Some required, seasonally
Cost: $395 per group of eight

Late spring through fall brings us repeated/extended emergences of these delicious mushrooms.  You'll feel like a kid again on an Easter egg hunt or combing the beach for shells. A successful hunter can fill a small bag with these amazing mushrooms.

All mushroom hunting carries risk of mis-identification and this is what keeps people away.  But we've narrowed our quarry down to those with fewer dangerous mimics, and we'll teach guests how to approach mushroom foraging with caution.  Despite our confidence in mushroom ID, we do not recommend eating the mushrooms we forage without expert identification.

Wild Vines, Roots, Fruit, Nuts and other Edibles

Private Property and Public Forests

Foraging Time: 3-4 hours
Travel: Some required, seasonally
Cost: $395 per group of eight
It takes most wild edibles hunters months or years to comb reliable references, online resources and to pester their own friends for enough info just to learn just the basics about wild edibles foraging. And still most people don't get comfortable enough to dive in.

Maybe we ought to have our heads checked, but we believe taking curious and adventurous people into the woods in pursuit of these culinary treats is a high calling.  Virginia offers a surprising number of tasty treats in a revolving array through most of the year.  Give us a buzz, and let's talk about whether this is the right adventure for you or not.

Example edibles: Acorns (and how to leach/prepare/make flour), walnuts, plantain (a green, not a fruit), ramps (an amazing wild onion), paw paw fruit, wild raspberries and other berries, smilax vine and many more.

Ready To Get Started?

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